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Ready For The Manual changes? Since we now have aims at an Olympic Relay, there is some more work for certain competitors. Which ones? Find out here


Recently ILS has announced their aim for inclusion at the 2032 Olympic Games with the Oceanman, Oceanwoman and Mixed Ocean Relay. Apparently the beachies weren't important enough, so beach flags will now be held in the beach volleyball arena during the Olympics beachies will now do all four sprints in the relay!

Here are some lines straight out of the updated rulebook. 

April 2024:
S4 - 24: Based on feedback received from Olympic Connections the run for the Ocean M Lifesaver Relay has been amended to have the runner commence the event and then to complete the runs between the swim, surf board, and surf ski legs, and also the finish. The fixed sequence of legs is now run - swim – run - board – run - surf ski – run unless otherwise advised. A replacement diagram has also been inserted.


24.1 Event description
The Ocean M Lifesaver Relay is a variation of the Individual Ocean M event.
Teams of four competitors (one swimmer, one board paddler, one surf ski paddler, and one runner) complete the course.

Note: The one runner completes all four run legs of the Ocean M Lifesaver Relay.

Unless otherwise advised by the organiser or competition committee, the fixed sequence of legs in run - swim – run - board – run - surf ski – run. The course direction is clockwise unless otherwise directed.


From a drone's view it should look like this:


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